Thursday, February 28, 2008

Yo - Scout Dog

Ok...this blog - a bit different. I guess its really more for Scout! I love all three of my boys. I am always amazed at how different they are. Scout - sometimes seems that he is years beyond what he really is. He is a self motivator - grades are very important. Loves girls....but has never had a serious girlfriend. Loves being treated as if he is grown...but is always in need of a hug and one on one time with his mom. priceless. We have great conversations and I love who he is. He is so helpful and I could not be more proud of him. He is always asking what I am doing on my computer - work stuff or church stuff...whatever. Before every sales trip I make to Atlanta - he wants to be the one to drive with me to the hotel and pick up my rental car. He helps me pack up my stuff.....and loves the ride alone with me. Like I said....this is for Scout so when he asks me today...what I did I can show him this...and let him know that I was just telling everyone how awesome it is to be Scout Johnson's mom. :)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Do gentlemen text?

I have to wonder about this one. Not that it is un-gentleman like to text but...has it totally destroyed the art of conversation? Before we go any farther, I will obviously use my kids pretty often in these life situations that I will write about. I told Nick what I was doing last night. He just laughed...I wonder if he'll laugh after I write a few more about him. We'll just have to see. Anyway, so I was talking to one of my boys (it wasn't Max) and he mentioned that he told a certain girl that she was beautiful. I was like just said it? Thinking...that is a departure for my shy son. (now you know its not Scout) Then, it was all clear - he had sent a text message. A little different. As parents, Kevin and I are finding that sometimes our kids will text things that they would never, ever think of saying out loud. Its a false confidence of sorts. You feel like you can say anything...but you really aren't saying anything. You are typing. Its not the same. When you speak, the emotions flood in. How unfair for the boys of my teenage years. I mean, if they wanted a girl to know something...they would have to get the nerve to finally dial the phone number and ask her parents if he could speak to her....or write the note that the girl would eventually show all of her friends. Now that...took courage.

How do you feel about texting and do you talk to your teenagers about what they say or rather text to someone of the opposite sex? Do you periodically check their text messages to see what they are sending or receiving? Side note -if they have a sure you are looking at what they might think are funny pictures to keep on file. Some...might need some discussion. I only share this with you because we have had some talks with our boys. Not they have done anything all that terrible, but they need to be guided in how to use all of the technology they have in front of them. They won't get it right the very first time, they just aren't that perfect. If we as adults struggle to make the right decisions at times, how can we even think that just because we tell them once, our kids will from then on, just get it right?

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it. I am holding on to that. Knowing that if Kevin and I keep them in God's word and teach them how to even use current technology as a young Christian man, that when they leave our house, they will be men of integrity. We just can't stop or think that our training doesn't include teaching our kids responsibility in texting or even email or myspace! It's all related....every bit.

I want to know if you have suggestions on things you do to teach text manners or encourage real conversations between your kids and their friends....what do you do??

Monday, February 25, 2008

VHI - You ought to know

When I travel, I enjoy watching things like VHI in the mornings. You see, I don't have cable in my home so...traveling can be a treat at times! Anyway, each morning, VHI has a show called 'you ought to know' and it basically shows you music videos from some of the hottest musical acts that our kids definately do know. Well, what goes without saying is that I use discretion when viewing this program - if it is inappropriate for me, I do turn the channel. thinking is I need to know who is hot right now! If I don't....then how will I know what is out there in the pop culture world for my kids? My children attend large public schools. Even if we don't allow certain music in our home - I can promise you my children have probably heard of the songs or at least the groups. I really feel it is part of my parental responsibility to update myself with the groups that are popular - to research movies and TV Shows even if I don't plan to watch them....but for the purpose of knowing what my kids know. If I hear a song that I know is popular - and usually I can't understand the words - I google the lyrics. Once I have those words - I can have great conversations with my kids as to what that particular song is talking about. Alot of the time, my boys will end up saying, "Mom, I had no idea". Movies - we use You can find out everything you need to know about a movie here, I mean down to how many times they say the 's' word. really! At the ages of our boys now - I usually put them on that site as they are asking me to see a certain movie. Now they look.....and sometimes, before they even read the reviews....all we hear is "nevermind...sigh". You know, there are so many resources for us to stay on top of what is going on. Let's not be scared to watch VHI every now and then. I promise you won't go to hell. can help you be a better parent. My thinking - early am for you ought to know and even the top 20 video countdown on weekends. Just enough for an overview is all I'm saying. Just my little opion.......

Why am I doing this?

Well, I am asking myself that same question. I feel sometimes that I am the person who always has something to say - but maybe...nobody was really ever asking me to say it in the first place. I don't know. I've talked to Kevin many times about sharing my heart with friends who are also raising teenagers or boys. I feel strongly that we have to band together! You know there is strength in numbers. For as long as I can remember, I've journaled. Seriously, I have journals back from my teenage years. I have a journal for each of my boys - and they are priceless. So, writing my thoughts down has always just been a part of who I am. However, being all blog savvy....that is new. So, if I share this with you....and you share it with someone else....don't go analyzing my gramatical correctness. I write from the heart and that means I'll probably ignore grammar rules and use run on sentences when I get all passionate about something. But, I will always write something here that has touched me, and maybe it in turn will touch you. Possibly make you think differently about something - or teach you something new about being the best parent of a teenager you can be! There is so much out there - let's keep each other updated on trends and dangers that are out to steal the joy from our kids. Somebody once said, It takes a village....oh, nevermind.